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Featured piece from:
The Art of Flight Collection

Jackson, WY

I awoke that morning a bit frazzled. We had been going for a week and a half straight, waking up, grabbing breakfast and lunch that Evan had prepared, driving and snowmobiling out to the zone, digging, shooting, snowmobiling back, driving, eating, and then off to bed. A ton of work had been accomplished, but something was a-miss'n.

A few days earlier, Zachary from Asymbol had lent me his 4x5 camera on the assumption I would take her out and handle biz. Well, I thought this would be the day it would happen. The day before Travis had scoured a fresh range in which we met a friendly weasel named Ernie. The climb up was a super steep transition that many of us had to take twice.

The day turned out to be special as the sun was out early with no clouds varying our thoughts. It was cold, freezing cold on that ridge. We were all excited as the aura around was promising. Ansel Adams had spoken and the time had come to drop in. Tripod set and camera leveled the aperture/shutter combination secured a clean click of the release.

That was a wonderful day.

Weasel Ridge

Danny Zapalac

15" x 11.5"
100 unsigned prints

30" x 24"
30 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card

41" x 31.5"
5 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card

*All sizes listed are the image size.
*All photographs come with a 1" boarder on all sides.

Giclee print on 300g Canson Platine Rag

$60.00 - $425.00 $75.00 - $825.00

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about the artist

Danny Zapalac

Long Beach, CA

Photography is about more than just the pictures, it's a way to embrace life. It's a journey from here to there, and it's an appreciation of each and every opportunity that comes along the way.

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