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Karvt x Hydro74 Collection

Working on this new collection with Karvt and Hydro74 has given us an opportunity to design products where art and functionality seamlessly intersect. We're constantly blown away by the precision and detail that the craftsmen at Karvt can achieve across a range of products. From a simple flask to a skate deck to a sketchbook, each is a finely crafted object you can use everyday. Combined with the creative energy that flows from every cell of artist Hydro74, and it's easy to be inspired by this collection of essential items.  

Trooper Spice Grinder


Be one with the force with our Hydo74 Trooper Spice Grinder. Made from aluminum and featuring a magnetized lid with diamond shaped teeth inside, this 4 piece grinder is 2.5” x 1.75” and will be there to remind you that there is no try, only do.

$30.00 - $35.00

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about the artist


The Purveyor of Sin.
What does it mean? Well, the basics are simple. Purveyor means in the simplest form, 'provider' and the sin is the hours I work to define my skills and offer them to those willing to pay for it. It is the best representation of my personal vision for Hydro74.

Hydro74 | MCMLXXIV

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