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Trilogy Collection

No Words for the Way Down brings the reader behind the scenes for an in-depth look at the stories, challenges, and achievements experienced over the six years of filming Jones’ epic Trilogy series. From his beginnings on Cape Cod’s Jailhouse Hill to his most recent far-flung first-descents in Alaska and the Himalayas, No Words for the Way Down tells the story of Jones’ rise to becoming a ten-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year and a revolutionary figure in the world of action sports. Each page includes stunning images, intimate excerpts from Jeremy’s journal and the never before released details about his adventures on the planet’s most remote and extreme terrain. Accompanying the book is a limited edition, exclusive Blu-Ray, which features never before seen footage and interviews from Jeremy, recapping his favorite descents from the trilogy series.

Featured Photographers: Ryland Bell, Abe Blair, Jeff Curley, Adam Clark, Chris Figenshau, Jeff Hawe, Yoshiro Higai, Jeremy Jones, Grant Kaye, Court Leve, Seth Lightcap, Andrew Miller, Dan Milner, Alex Papis, Tero Repo, Teton Gravity Research, Copi Vojta.

Excerpt: X-Factors and Lessons Learned: Words from Jeremy Jones
Innsbruck, Austria
February, 23 2011

"It was a memorable day in the mountains. We ascended under the stars with the aid of our headlamps, too anxious to check out the west end of the valley to wait for the sun to rise. The climb to the top freaked me out. The internal dialogue began: “Why am I still doing this? This will be my last movie. There are too many X-factors. Business is taking too much of my time and brain power. It is irresponsible to take such risks.”

The snow was deep and the terrain very steep. Surrounded by rock ribs on all sides, the run was made up of technical spines with multiple rollovers and tricky exits. I took extra time to scope the line, got my bearings and rode down clean. Four hours later, I went on a solo climb up the face that had slid on Mitch and Bibi yesterday. It looked like a crime scene. My memory replayed the events. We were worked up to the upper pocket sliding. We knew it would be small if it went. We felt OK about the consequences. Then it slid. The ride was fast and violent. Mitch and Bibi were not buried and were fine. They could have been hurt for sure, but it would not have been fatal. Still, it was a lesson learned—we got ahead of ourselves and took an unnecessary risk.

Today, I passed the high point, avoided the hang fire, and enjoyed a knife-edge ridge walk. Then I chilled on the peak for 30 minutes. The views were amazing: a rich blue sky rolling down to the hut 1,500 feet below. With yesterday’s slide on my left and another one on my right, I rode a spine with many outs if it did move. Edmands’ camera failed him. Such is life—it was still an amazing run done for love of the sport. An hour later, Mitch drilled the line of the trip across the valley. Edmands nailed it. All is good."

-Jeremy Jones

Trilogy Solo Pack

Jeremy Jones' Trilogy Collection

For true fans of Jeremy Jones’ Trilogy series, Asymbol is offering this custom book + art package. This pack features a print from the newly-released Trilogy Edition, of your choice, plus a copy of Jeremy’s book ‘No Words For The Way Down’ created by Teton Gravity Research in association with Funny Feelings, LLC. This collector’s edition book includes stories, photos and unreleased footage from the making of Jeremy Jones’ Trilogy film series, Deeper, Further and Higher.

Open Edition 10" x 15" Trilogy Print Option: (Open & Limited Edition Prints Still Available Click Here) 

  • Rainbow Peak by Jeff Curley with Jeremy Jones
  • Glacier Bay National Park by Dan Milner with Travis Rice
  • Svalbard by Dan Milner
  • Hakuba by Yoshiro Higai with Josh Dirksen
  • Anvers Island by Tero Repo with Jeremy Jones & Xavier

No Words For The Way Down Book: (Sold Out) 

  • Hard Cover Book
  • The Way Down Blu-Ray

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    about the artist

    Jeremy Jones' Trilogy Collection

    Jeremy Jones’ epic trilogy of films Deeper, Further and Higher by Teton Gravity Research, redefined human-powered snowboard expeditions and raised the bar on the limits of rideable terrain. Asymbol is proud to introduce the Jeremy Jone's Trilogy Photo Collection, representing some of the best images captured during Jeremy’s six years of filming in Alaska, the Himalayas, Antarctica and the Tetons here in Wyoming, among many other magical places.  

    These images capture the spirit of Jeremy’s quest to push beyond the boundaries of what was thought possible, and ride lines few had ever seen, let alone attempted. They are a fitting counterpart to Jeremy's book 'No Words For The Way Down’ documenting his monumental achievement in snowboard mountaineering. We couldn’t be more honored to share these images with you. 

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