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"A wise man and a fool

who would serve and who should rule

everything happens as it should

so take a look around and ask yourself

Do I see nothing good?"

-The Sword 

The Wise Man And the Fool


44.75" x 56.75"
Original: Acrylic, Canvas & Resin on Wood Panel

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about the artist


Northern England

Schoph Schophield is a jack of many trades; he’s a traveler, a co-founder of two companies, an artist and one of the few keepers of snowboardings nearly forgotten renegade roots. Like his artwork, Schoph is layered, methodical and practically impossible to wrap your mind around in any short amount of time. As an artist Schophield is in a continuous state of creation, he is uncompromising and savage in his execution, using art to show how seamlessly beauty and dark matter can combine in the right hands.  

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