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Original Board Collection

I chose to participate in this project because:

"I appreciate Mike and Carl and I think it's rad to be invited to be a part of a group of artists such as this, and have art shown at the LA CES Contemporary Gallery. I'm looking forward to this show, because its been 7 years since I last showed art in Los Angeles."
-Matt French


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The Galactube by Matt French

Neon Daze & Winter Waves

Hand Painted by Matt French

  • Length: ~ 160cm
  • Nose Width: ~37cm
  • Waist Width: ~32cm
  • Tail Width: ~30.5cm

Hand painted marine enamel graphics on birch plywood and fiberglass/resin. Built and shaped by hand by Mike Parillo and Corey Smith. Base is high gloss white marine enamel over fiberglass resin.

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about the artist

Neon Daze & Winter Waves

Neon Daze & Winter Waves is an exploration of the roots of snowboarding, as imagined by some of the most legendary and creative riders and artists of our time. 

Far beyond creating 17 hand-made original powder boards, this project is about reconnecting with the spirit of board riding itself. 
We invite you to explore the entire Neon Daze & Winter Waves collection. Each board is a unique, rideable work of art that conveys the personality of its designer along with the incredible craftsmanship of its builders, Mike Parillo and Corey Smith. 
Gain deeper insight and behind-the-scenes access into how these boards were created by checking out the Neon Daze & Winter Waves homepage.       Special thanks to our sponsors: Union Binding Co.CAPiTAPolerSpring Break SnowboardsBaldface Lodge A percentage of proceeds from board sales will be donated to our non-profit partner Protect Our Winters.

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