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Surfer: Craig Anderson

I shot this image of Craig Anderson in Tahiti while working on a film project with Taylor Steele. Eventually named "This Time Tomorrow," we traveled over 17,000 miles over a period of seven days, chasing a south swell from Tahiti to Alaska.

This shot was taken on our last morning in Tahiti. We went to a reef pass where the water was unbelievably clear and the winds were dead. In terms of shooting, it was perfect for an underwater pass-by.

Underwater photography is tricky, because it's often hard to tell if what you see will translate to the image being captured in camera. For this moment, I sat behind the wave and waited for Craig to pass over me, all while attempting to cause the least amount of distortion of the wave and a trail behind me that can be caused from swim fins.

When I took this shot, Craig was about three feet away from me, and about two feet above razor sharp coral...

Tahitian Noir - Sunset Orange

Todd Glaser


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about the artist

Todd Glaser

San Diego, CA

Todd wanders the world with his camera, one step at a time. Based in his hometown of San Diego, Todd's work has taken him to remote surf spots from Tahiti to Alaska to Indonesia to Mexico.

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