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Kirra Beach ~ Gold Coast, Australia
April 2008

Underwater photography has always intrigued me. There are so many conditions and technical variables that must unite before you can even begin attempting to take vivid pictures down there. Light does some crazy things when reflecting and refracting around a clear spinning tube. You never really know what you're getting while shooting these types of photos. It's a long road of trial and error.

The tubes at Kirra spiral down the point over a super-shallow white sandbar. On this particular day, I knew the conditions for taking photos there were about as good as it gets: the light was amazing, there was no wind, so the water surface was totally still, and the water itself was crystal clear.

I was hoping I could do the day justice, capture all the elements in a single frame, and put a different twist on the image of the iconic wave of Kirra Beach. I believe I was successful, from the detail in the water surfaces, the light ripples, the frozen gliding lip, and the sunlight dancing and reflecting off the white-sand bottom to the small baitfish and the buildings on shore. There is a sense of surrealism that I love about the underwater realm, and I am glad I can share that with others in the form of a photograph.


Trent Mitchell

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Trent Mitchell


International Award Winning water photographer Trent Mitchell swims for his pictures. Mitchell dwells on the photographic fringes, searching out the obscure and creates beauty from the seemingly mundane. 

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