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Photograph from:
The Art of Flight Collection

Rider: Travis Rice

This photo sums up a day that just gets better and better, and is definitely one of my best shooting days of the season. First, we woke up to blue skies, had a super sick morning session on some lines and a gigantic jump, then moved on to some cliff drops and more radical boarding action all before we finally posted up on this jump. The cool thing is that this jump was already built and ready to go (thanks Nicolas!!!), so we just had to dust it off and the session was on.

Of course some clouds rolled in and we had to hang in the flat light for a bit, but as soon as they started moving out, the light got amazing. Travis did the biggest cross rocket ever done, as all elements lined up for this photo.

Afternoon Delight

Oli Gagnon

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about the artist

Oli Gagnon

Squamish, British Columbia

While many photographers hide the truth behind concept and technique, post-production and effects, Oli's images bristle with raw power. He has been pointing a camera at this world for over a decade and in that time has become one of the most prolific photographers in snowboarding. Eschewing tricks and trends in favor of craft, the self-taught Gagnon blends his passion for natural light, film and darkroom printing with digital formats he calls "shit." As a Senior Staff photographer for Snowboarder Magazine, Oli has shared his unique vision with millions of readers, further amplifying his own passion.

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