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Original: Acrylic on Masonite

A big part of me getting inspired to paint is having a tall cup of coffee. It comes from growing up in Seattle. It's just a daily part of our routine up there. Actually, I really owe the habit to Circe Wallace, who is a serious coffee connoisseur. She got me an espresso machine back when she used to work at Starbucks and got me completely hooked.

This painting is a product of jet lag. I was up at three in the morning over in Munich, Germany one time, and drew this into a book I'd brought with me. It was just a simple pencil sketch. I like to go through my old art books sometimes to rediscover old ideas for new paintings. I came across this one a couple years back and really wanted to paint it, just for myself, just to see it come to life on a full canvas.

Later Mark Landvik asked me if I had any paintings he could use for a board graphic, and this one popped into my head. He put it on his 2008 pro model.

Rocket Fuel

Jamie Lynn

28" x 36"
70 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

$150.00 $245.00

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about the artist

Jamie Lynn


Jamie M. Lynn is one of the most universally respected, iconic snowboarders of all time. His influence can be seen everywhere in snowboarding, from the way we ride, to the way we think about the art that covers our boards.

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