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 (iPhone 6 shown above)

Original: Acrylic on Wood

This was a snowboard graphic that I did for Ross Powers' first Burton pro model, which came out in 2000.

I grew up riding at Bromley Mountain in Vermont, which is a pretty small spot, but with very cool terrain. Ross' mom ran (and still runs, I think) the cafeteria there. We rode together many days, and I was always impressed with his determination to dial the perfect run. Even just riding the trails he would hit the same jumps and do the same tricks, all day, until he perfected it. You could bet on seeing a frontside melon off of the kicker by lift tower 17, and a backside three off of the knoll by the weird tree on Twister.

We got together to brainstorm, and I showed him pictures of a mural that I had just completed for a private home. He liked the way the water in the painting turned into the land, so we took that and went from there.

I really like this graphic. Not only because it was located mainly on the nose of the board (a big no nofor TV sponsorship placement), but because it started what would be one of my favorite collaborations to date. Ross and I worked together on five more signature models after this, including the board he rode to win Olympic gold the first year snowboarding was allowed in. That was a big one for me to see. It made my parents very proud.

Powers 2000 iPhone Skin

Scott Lenhardt

Asymbol skins are as functional as they are beautiful. Made from super durable, high quality adhesive vinyl printed at ultra high resolution, these skins look great and protect your laptop, iPad or iPhone from abrasion, scratches and wear. Asymbol skins are easy to apply, and when you feel the need for a change up, they come off clean, leaving no residue. 

Available in the following iPhone sizes:

  • 5 / 5s
  • 6
  • 6 Plus

How to best apply an Asymbol skin

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Scott Lenhardt

Everywhere, Nowhere

Scott Lenhardt grew up in West Rupert, Vermont, studied art in Maine, New York and Italy, and is now living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

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