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Original: acrylic, cut canvas & resin on wood panel, 2015

“I created gods and masters to represent a period of time, change and the transitions I have witnessed. It's a visual and tangible piece that can be linked to parts of my life that have evolved at a constant. Leading to now, where I want and need to be, being "present" in a day and age of religious ruling and people needing power and control over others. This piece was an amalgamation of my thoughts of just that; incorporating humanity in life and death. Along with the nature of the so called beast, the pecking order of life and the reciprocality that is ever present."

No Gods, No Masters



17" x 22"
Embossed, Open Edition: 2 Paper Types Available

  • Matte Paper 
  • Metallic Photo Paper

24" x 31"
55 limited-edition signed and numbered prints
Split edition, 2 paper types available:

  • Edition # 1 - 25 on Metallic Photo Paper
  • Edition # 26 - 55 on Matte Paper 
  •                Fewer than 10 prints remaining in matte edition

34" x 44"
25 limited-edition signed and numbered prints on Matte Paper 
Sold Out

Archival pigment prints


44.75" x 56.75"
Acrylic, Canvas & Resin on Wood Panel

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about the artist


Northern England

Schoph Schophield is a jack of many trades; he’s a traveler, a co-founder of two companies, an artist and one of the few keepers of snowboardings nearly forgotten renegade roots. Like his artwork, Schoph is layered, methodical and practically impossible to wrap your mind around in any short amount of time. As an artist Schophield is in a continuous state of creation, he is uncompromising and savage in his execution, using art to show how seamlessly beauty and dark matter can combine in the right hands.  

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