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Valdez, Alaska
Rider: Nicolas Müller
April 11th, 2008

I shot this right after I took the "Deserted Mountain" photo. I turned around from taking that picture and Nico told me that he was going to do a method onto this little slope. The light was amazing. It was raking across the snow, and the shadows were out of control. You couldn't ask for better light.

Nico kind of bobbled on the take off so he didn't get the method, but I kept following him with my lens after he landed. He did a huge, left-hand sweeping bottom turn, then rode back up this knoll and down again. I saw this spray come up and just held the button down and fired off a ten-shot sequence. I didn't even know what I had until I looked at it later that night.

The thing about it is, a lot of times I get so focused on capturing a certain moment that I shoot that and then I'm done. I get the trick, or don't get the trick, and then will look up from my camera to watch and see how the rest of a rider's line has gone down. But I don't shoot the rest of the line. The thing about shooting with Nico, though, is he has a different way of viewing the terrain than everybody else, so he does things that surprise you. I think most people probably would have gone off the cliff, not gotten the method and then ran it out to the bottom to wait for the heli. Nico didn't get the method, but saw the knoll after he landed and just went for it. Through working with him a handful of times, I've learned that it's a good idea to always keep him in the lens until he's done with his line. So I got lucky with this. He did something that came natural to him, and I did something that came natural to me, and this photo is the end result. I'm really happy with it.


Tim Zimmerman

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Tim Zimmerman

Portland, OR

Last year, Tim Zimmerman's photos graced the covers and pages of more magazines than any other photographer in snowboarding. As the Mervin Manufacturing team photographer, and the principal still shooter for Travis Rice's That's It, That's All movie, Zimmerman has traveled the globe documenting faraway places, and the treasured moments experienced in them by a select and lucky few. From the jagged peaks of the Valdez mountain range in Alaska to the fantastical landscapes of New Zealand his images show the rest of us what the world looks like when seen through the eyes of an adventurous soul, or elite professional athlete.

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