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Between Idaho Falls, Idaho & Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Those who travel between Idaho Falls, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a regular basis know where this sign is. Though I've never been inside Angus for a cup of coffee, I always stop for a break at the gas station across the street and admire this fantastic example of a truly American design aesthetic.

It was chilly on the day this image was captured—peaceful, with not a soul around. I was on my way to meet up with the guys in the Hole. It was early in the season and the snow hadn't yet accumulated in measurements that we were excited about.

While filling up my tank, I glanced over to check out the sign. I think it was the first time that I actually read the script on it and it made me giggle inside.

Thank you Angus, old friend, I thought. Thank you for praying for snow to come our way. I took a couple of snaps with my trusty Holga 3 and continued on into Wyoming.

The truly amazing thing about this photo was that 2002 turned out to my most memorable season to date. I pushed myself more than every that year and ended up producing images that have proven to have a long, honorable shelf life. Old Angus and her wishes paved the way.


Danny Zapalac

16" x 18.5"
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Light Jet Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive

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about the artist

Danny Zapalac

Long Beach, CA

Photography is about more than just the pictures, it's a way to embrace life. It's a journey from here to there, and it's an appreciation of each and every opportunity that comes along the way.

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