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Original Artwork from:
Reckless Optimism

Original: Acrylic on Canvas 30" x 40"
Fall 2012

Reckless Optimism, composed of sixteen new works created in 2012, is a shimmering collection of the aesthetic that he has compounded into a mine of carefully blended hues, shapes, and imagery. The narrative of the world perceived by the senses that Parillo paints is more than the archetypal tale of success and pitfalls. Referencing a color key that he created exclusively for the series, each burst of color denotes a particular emotion experienced as one grasps or strays from the trajectory that he or she has set for the self to follow. Bright, inviting cloud-like forms obscure the view from the bottom, and slick, shiny forms distort the top, creating a path for the invisible viewer which is hardly navigated but rather is tripped through blindly, tempted by beauty, promises, and an illusory - if not deceitful freedom. Along the way one is guided by equally lurid symbols of wisdom - best seen from midway through a sharp fall off the top of the proverbial mountain.

Never Give Up

Mike Parillo

24" x 30"
10 limited-edition signed and numbered prints
Only 1 Print Remaining

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

$195.00 $245.00

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about the artist

Mike Parillo

Oahu, Hawaii

Mike Parillo, co-founder of Asymbol and perpetual creator, is one of the most enduring artists in our community. Self-taught and fluent in a myriad of mediums, Parillo bends, shapes and re-imagines the possibilities of art and it’s place in the world. He works relentlessly at balancing life with art, a mission that has taken him to many locations, mentally, artistically and geographically. Mike resides on the north shore of Oahu, where he shapes surf boards and wakes up happy every day.

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