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Photograph from:
The Art of Flight Collection

Rider: Jeremy Jones

I received a phone call from Jeremy Jones one day and he asked me if I wanted to join him in Alaska. He told me that the forecast was looking as good as it gets for that area and that if we were to go we needed to pack that day and fly out in the morning. And that's just what we did.

Jeremy is known for riding really steep, technical lines that can only be photographed from across the valley or on top of another peak with a telephoto lens. I wanted something different from this trip. I wanted to shoot him on slope, somewhere relatively safe for me, so I could showcase more of his personal style and not focus so much on the gnarly terrain surrounding him. I wanted a photo of Jeremy that no one else was interested in shooting of him.

At the time there was over 75 cm of fresh snow. Since the weather was socked in for weeks no one had been flying and there were no reports on what the snow stability was like. Playing it safe was our only option. This is a warm up run for Jeremy, and only one of about a million he has taken, but for the rest of us it's an experience that doesn't come along quite often enough.


Scott Serfas

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about the artist

Scott Serfas

Vancouver BC, Canada

Principal Photographer Red Bull Media House’s “The Art Of Flight”; Co-­‐Owner Endeavor Snowboards; and Senior Photographer TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine, the most widely distributed snowboard title in the world.  

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