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Original: Aerosol Spraypaint on Wood Panel 121.5" x 95.5"
Fall 2014 at Asymbol Art & Essentials Gallery

Jamie Lynn’s Jackson Mural represents an important milestone in the history of Asymbol. Although he painted the mural three months after the Asymbol gallery officially opened, until he completed it, the gallery just wasn’t finished. It was as if that wall was made for Jamie to paint it.

While the Jackson Mural is painted in Jamie’s unmistakable style, he sought input from two of his closest confidantes, Bryan Iguchi and Travis Rice. Together, they envisioned a mural that paid homage to the natural elements that are so much a part of Jackson Hole: wind, sun, snow and water. The result is a dreamy vision of mountains and rivers, clouds and sunshine in vibrant color.

“I don’t really think about what needs to happen or why, it’s just a matter of living a completely full and fun life. Not knowing makes it interesting, it keeps me moving forward.”

Jamie’s art, much like his board riding and music making, sends it off of the map that he himself has designed. There are nods to his roots and swings towards a fence that only he sees.The rules, whether he knows them or not, don't really seem to apply. The mural puts all of life’s driving elements on a linear plane. His simple, harmonious approach to color and subject is a companion to his snowboarding style, visceral and timeless.

While Jamie painted, Asymbol’s Josi Stephens conveyed her thoughts:

“Jamie is like smoke. If you grab at it or try to capture it in any way, it disperses. Every conversation with him, despite any efforts to the contrary, take on a Confucius-like form. One sentence from him on any topic is concise and clear enough to end the entire conversation.”

Ultimately, the Jackson Mural says much about Jamie’s generosity to the Asymbol community. Transcending the confines of the gallery it inhabits, his artwork serves as an enduring marker in time and space of Jamie’s undying commitment to the people, places and elements he cherishes most of all.

“I am leaving nothing for the grave. I am going to spend every part of myself before I get there.” - Jamie Lynn

Jackson Mural

Jamie Lynn

17" x 14.5"
Embossed, Open Edition - Sold Out

24" x 20"
250 limited-edition unsigned, numbered prints

36" x 29.5"
150 limited-edition unsigned, numbered prints

44" x 36"
75 limited-edition unsigned, numbered prints

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

$55.00 - $250.00 $195.00 - $295.00

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about the artist

Jamie Lynn


Jamie M. Lynn is one of the most universally respected, iconic snowboarders of all time. His influence can be seen everywhere in snowboarding, from the way we ride, to the way we think about the art that covers our boards.

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