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Looking back, it seems the compulsion to photograph has been the main force driving me through life. I have been shooting photographs now for over 20 years, experiencing and sharing in the lives of my friends. The camera was always there to document their every move. From Alaska to Chile, from Japan to the Czech Republic, I shared moments more intimate than I ever thought possible. I discovered visionaries thinking, painting, reading, and laughing. I paused in fleeting moments to forever capture cityscapes at twilight, sunrises on beaches, and sunsets atop mountains.

Being on the road, documenting the life of snowboarding, was sometimes a struggle, but I have been truly blessed. We crisscrossed the globe to hop on snowcats, to soar in helicopters, ride chair lifts, and hike through some of the harshest environments on earth. I was photographing the whole time, following the greats of snowboarding, and being inside their personal lives. Craig, Terje, Jamie, Tex, the list goes on. We all shared so much.

This book is a result of those experiences, created in part to expose the roots that spurred the astonishing growth of snowboarding. It is the story of my youthful adventures of discovery, adventures made while documenting the youthful discoveries of others.

These pages are about days in the dark, waiting for the blue bird day, waiting to be discovered. These pages are about wondering what hides beyond the bend, what waits over the ridge. They speak of much more than just snowboarding as sport. This book is about journeys...

How Many Dreams in the Dark?

Chris Brunkhart

Black & White - Hardcover, 208 pages

9" x 9" Book


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about the artist

Chris Brunkhart

Chris Brunkhart passed away in 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

Chris was a photographer's photographer, steadfastly preferring to shoot on black and white film til the end. Through his lens and iconic style, Chris captured grainy images that felt like his beloved Pacific Northwest - moody, sublime and deeply personal.

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