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Surfer: Craig Anderson

This image of Craig Anderson was taken in Tahiti on a crystal clear day with zero wind, during the filming of the "This Time Tomorrow." The project itself sent us from Tahiti to Alaska, where we documented one of the largest south swells in many years from its initial peak in Tahiti, to its end in Alaska.

The crew on the trip was hand selected, and included the always-stylish Craig Anderson. Craig has a very casual approach to his surfing, blending classic lines with modern performance to create a very unique style.

In this image, Craig is using his hand to slow himself down in the wave, and although it's a functional maneuver, it's also interesting photographically. His hand is about 6-8 inches away from my camera, which helps give the image sense of intimacy from an unusual perspective.

This moment captures an interaction between the surfer and the wave that is seldom seen, and also shows the skill needed by the surfer to "read" the wave correctly. This image really highlights Craig's style, and shows how special the relationship is between ocean and surfer.

Hand Jive

Todd Glaser

30" x 20"
30 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card 

*All sizes listed are the image size.
*All photographs come with a 1" boarder on all sides.

Printed on 325gsm 100% Cotton Rag with a Baryta Gloss Finish 



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about the artist

Todd Glaser

San Diego, CA

Todd wanders the world with his camera, one step at a time. Based in his hometown of San Diego, Todd's work has taken him to remote surf spots from Tahiti to Alaska to Indonesia to Mexico.

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