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Original: Acrylic on Wood

This is my favorite from a series of about 10 very small paintings I made about nothing. The idea came from the book Siddhartha. Sitting by a stream listening to the conversation of the water, you can hear a million voices, yet there is only one stream. Very Zen. It is about bringing together opposites, in the way that it is painted, as well as the subject matter.

I was getting really into this technique of using a small brush, and slowly building and blending together colors and values through super small strokes. Compulsively going after that value of color that is the perfect in-between, or grey, which is technically impossible because you can always divide a half in half, on into infinity. So in the end there is a creature standing in a forest so still, next to a stream of water so fast. And they work together as one piece.

Deer Stream

Scott Lenhardt

24" x 18.75"
100 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

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about the artist

Scott Lenhardt

Everywhere, Nowhere

Scott Lenhardt grew up in West Rupert, Vermont, studied art in Maine, New York and Italy, and is now living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

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