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Western Australia
February 2009

The first time I saw a set unload onto the reef here I knew that it would be hard to imagine a heavier or more beautiful wave breaking in the world. Cyclops is truly one of the most engaging and fearful natural phenomenons I have ever witnessed. It simply feels surreal. I could spend years photographing it.

This wave is so sensitive to the slightest change in tide, wind, swell height and direction that it produces an infinite number of different twisting, warping, life-ending shapes. Some of them are deceptively flawless, and indescribably tempting. Cyclops dances on the line between perfection and devastation like no other.

This is the face of the beast. This picture was taken during a low summer tide, and heavy swell. The water surface lining the razor-sharp reef had just broken, exposing dry rock about to be slammed by an exploding lip. This particular wave bucked and twisted violently, from the second it touched the back of the shark-infested reef until it passed over and turned into an intense whitewater surge, rudely scattering the seals that had been peacefully sunbathing on the small, barnacle-encrusted rock island in front of it.


Trent Mitchell

24" x 16" 
100 unsigned prints
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36" x 24" 
70 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

60" x 40" 
40 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

*All sizes listed are the image size.
photographs come with a 1" boarder on all sides.

Light Jet Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive.

$95.00 - $195.00 $145.00 - $650.00

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about the artist

Trent Mitchell


International Award Winning water photographer Trent Mitchell swims for his pictures. Mitchell dwells on the photographic fringes, searching out the obscure and creates beauty from the seemingly mundane. 

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