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Featured piece from:
The Art of Flight Collection

Sometimes the use of a helicopter can make getting into a mountain range you want to ride extremely difficult. High winds, unstable snow pack and inexperienced pilots are all reasons you won't be able to land on top of what you want to. On the other hand, a helicopter can open up so much more ridable terrain than you can even imagine and get you into some places that you really shouldn't be.

On our way into the Andes Mountains, we saw some smoke billowing over from a few ridges away and decided to have a closer look. What we found was an erupting volcano that literally started spewing for the first time that morning. Although an amazing event to watch from the comforts of a private helicopter, if the winds were to change direction just slightly, the intakes of our Eurocopter B3 would inhale the ash and likely crash. It was a fine line we were flying.

Andes Eruption

Scott Serfas

15" x 10"
100 unsigned prints

30" x 20"
30 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card

48" x 32"
5 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card

*All sizes listed are the image size.
*All photographs come with a 1" boarder on all sides.

Archival pigment print on metallic photo paper

$60.00 - $395.00 $75.00 - $825.00

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about the artist

Scott Serfas

Vancouver BC, Canada

Principal Photographer Red Bull Media House’s “The Art Of Flight”; Co-­‐Owner Endeavor Snowboards; and Senior Photographer TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine, the most widely distributed snowboard title in the world.  

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