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Sandy, Utah
February 2002

It was a glorious day.

When the conditions are aligned, Salt Lake City has a unique crispness to it, a feeling of possibility that lights up the senses. On this particular day, Paul Horschel, Erik Leines and I awoke to find a sunny, powder-filled winter wonderland awaiting us outside. We spent the day exploring the outer boundaries of the Wasatch mountain range in search of unique terrain to photograph, and successfully spotted, bagged and tagged a hefty cliff line.

On our way back to The Mule's homestead we happened to pass by this park. At the western-most end I noticed this peaceful open field. It was as if she called out to me, saying, "Hey, you. Where's your toboggan? Let's play."

I looked around the truck and didn't spot a circle slider or plastic sled, but did see our snowboards. I told Paul to turn the car around. I knew he could see the same thing I did.

By the way, during this SLC visit I also had the pleasure of watching the Americans stack the medals podium at the Olympic halfpipe event. That was a pretty good day, too.

A Playground

Danny Zapalac

22" x 16"
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Light Jet Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive

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about the artist

Danny Zapalac

Long Beach, CA

Photography is about more than just the pictures, it's a way to embrace life. It's a journey from here to there, and it's an appreciation of each and every opportunity that comes along the way.

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