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The Fourth Phase - Digital Download Instructions

Your unique 'The Fourth Phase' Digital Download vimeo code is included with  your 3-in-1 collector's edition and book on a card insert. 

Go to this URL: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thefourthphase

Click the ‘Buy $12.99’ button

Log in, or join if this is your first time using Vimeo

Enter your unique code in the ‘Promo’ box


If your code is NOT working, legible, or invalid please send a notice and screenshot of your code to: Redbullmediahouseus@gmail.com 

  • FIRST - Please double check the following with your code:
    • Lower Case vs. Capitalization of the Following Letters
      • L & l
      • I & i
    • Capital o vs. zero 
    • The first 3 Digits of a majority of the codes are as follows:
      • At the beginning of the string: 1Ll2_

      • It’s the number 1, capital L and then a lowercase L

We will get the issue addressed as soon as possible. -Red Bull Media House 

The Fourth Phase