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Now in its 3rd year, the #passitonproject is a collaboration between Asymbol, Lib Tech and snow riders of the world. This year the #passitonproject honors the legendary Jamie Lynn. We've just released one very custom 2015/16 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Rat Tail snowboard into the universe. What comes next is up to fate and the trust of the global snowboard community.

Enter to WIN a 2015/16 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Rat Tail board and an Asymbol print of Jamie's Rat Tail artwork in the #passitonproject contest!

The #passitonproject began in 2013 with a simple idea: what if we set Travis Rice's personal snowboard free into the world, to be passed from rider to rider? Where would it go? What would people do with it? 

This year's board began its journey traveling from the Lib Tech factory with Jamie Lynn up to Baldface Lodge in BC. It is now being passed from rider to rider all over the world. Check out the options below, learn more about the #passitonproject and view the latest images being posted to social media. 

What if you get the board? Lucky you. You've got 3 days to ride the board, then pass it on. Be sure to tag your photos with #passitonproject and #yearoftherattail on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Google +. Just remember, this is Jamie's personal board... so do as Jamie would do and pass it on.

Special thanks to our friends at Lib Tech for coming along on this journey with us.