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OURS IS A CULTURE FUELED BY PASSION: Passion for expression, passion for innovation, passion for adventure. We created Asymbol to honor the image makers whose passion fires our imaginations and captures our spirit of wanderlust.

From the graphics on our favorite boards to the photos we've stared at for hours in magazines, it's the image makers who give shape and substance to the stories we connect with the most. 

We see our mission as one of giving back to the artists and photographers who work so tirelessly to offer the world their visions in the form of paintings and photographs. It’s through their lenses and brushstrokes that we’re able to imagine ‘there, that wave, that line, that landscape that exists only in one artist’s head… I want to live forever in that moment.’

Our desire to give back isn’t solely limited to selling fine art. With every print purchase, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to our non-profit partners who are working hard to raise awareness and accountability for environmental and social issues in the action-sports world and beyond.


assemble: to bring together for a particular purpose

symbol: an object having cultural significance and the capacity to excite a response

Travis Rice explains: “We wanted to assemble the family of artists and focus on their most symbolic images and photos, which really conveys where we’ve come from.” 


In the universe that is professional snowboarding, Travis Rice’s star shines among the brightest. Asymbol was born in 2009 out of Travis' frustrated quest to find artwork to adorn the interior of his personal home. This experience led him to the conclusion that a bridge needed to be built to connect the highly respected image makers in our culture with people who want to own their work, yet have never had a way to do so before.

Artist and close friend Mike Parillo provided the spark that ignited the Asymbol idea and turned the company into a reality.

Asymbol is a family affair, proudly based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Physical Address
150 Scott Lane, Space E
Jackson, WY 83001 

Spring Hours:

Monday - Friday: 11am - 6pm

Flexible hours by appointment, please contact us 307.734.1122 or info@asymbol.co


Post Office Box 

PO Box 7377 
Jackson, WY 83002