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Tim Zimmerman

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Portland, OR

Last year, Tim Zimmerman's photos graced the covers and pages of more magazines than any other photographer in snowboarding. As the Mervin Manufacturing team photographer, and the principal still shooter for Travis Rice's That's It, That's All movie, Zimmerman has traveled the globe documenting faraway places, and the treasured moments experienced in them by a select and lucky few. From the jagged peaks of the Valdez mountain range in Alaska to the fantastical landscapes of New Zealand his images show the rest of us what the world looks like when seen through the eyes of an adventurous soul, or elite professional athlete.

Zimmerman's 12-year run behind the lens started in a photo lab. Through trying to figure out what it was that made certain negatives easy or impossible to print, he learned the technical side of photography before he ever picked up a camera. As photo editor for Eastern Edge, he mastered the details involved in getting photos printed sharp and true-to-color on the pages of a magazine. He served as an interim photo editor at Snowboarder when they needed help setting up a system to transition their photo department into the digital age. In his spare time, he teaches at the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Photo Workshop alongside Trevor Graves.

In short, Tim Zimmerman is a technical ninja.