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Synchronicity Series

"This collection of new mixed media pieces is my first stab at making editioned originals."

"Each piece was born with a one-off graphic created specifically for silk screens that only gets run ten times and then is reclaimed. Each set of panels in the series has been assigned a unique, hand-painted background under layer that I personally laid down coat by coat.

Although undoubtedly abstract, the spark to realize these came from reflecting on the past years in Jackson as a result of my recent move back to LA after a seven year hiatus. In this city of strangers I'm constantly reminded what an amazing and magic thing our world of snow, fun and friends is.

All the techniques I used to make these pieces I've learned in the last few years being involved with Asymbol. I hope the connection comes through and that these give you the tickle inside.

It's all golden regardless. Synchronicity strikes everyday and life is still just a trip no matter where you are. Gotta love that." 

- Mike Parillo

  • Synchronicity Series Hero
    Synchronicity Series Hero