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The Legacy of Disruption Collection

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Legacy of Disruption

Snowboarding, like it’s four wheeled or finned predecessors, started out as an act of disruption. It came from a place of defiance. It was an ugly interruption to a perfect Sunday on the slopes, a renegade sport that had skiers shaking fists and damning the hooligans that wanted to strap, not click, in. From the beginning, snowboarding meant something ‘different’, it was a bus with no breaks filled with screaming youth on fire, it was a “fuck you”. Most importantly it was a thing belonged to us; there were no rules, nothing was sacred and nothing defined. 

In our lifetime there has been a crazy stream of innovation in the snowboarding community. From the boards themselves to the things that can be done on them, the industry has continued to morph from one thing to the next with only one constant: an aggressive commitment to aesthetic.  

Asymbol's 'Legacy of Disruption’ exhibit explores the beating heart of snowboarding through the art, boards and riders who have come to define it. More than anything, this show is about the intense creativity that continues to flourish within snowboarding culture. A snowboard can be a raw canvas for artistic expression, but this expression isn’t complete until a rider lays down his or her line on the mountain, literally inscribing one’s mark into the snow. 

It’s this connection between board, rider, nature and gravity that gives snowboarding its enduring, rebellious spirit. 

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