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Scratching the surface of time and space


Lakota Legend. Peaceful resistance.

I painted a series of iconic batholiths to honor and represent the “Standing Rock” movement. It was amazing and beautiful to see the tribes come together to protect their land and water in a peaceful movement. Most know these as national monuments but they are sacred and/or religious places to our Native culture. Behind each one of these is a colorful myth or legend that I really enjoyed learning about.

Mato Tipila

Bryan Iguchi


24" x 20" x 2.5"
fire, gold dust, acrylic & resin on wood panel


Exhibition on display through January 31st. Original will ship the week of February 6th. 

Shipping & handling rate for Original is assessed separately after purchase. 


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about the artist

Bryan Iguchi

Jackson, Wyoming

“Water evaporates
Clouds form
Life begins
A snowstorm atop high peaks falls heavy
Settles, melts
Flows through tributaries
into rivers
Then finds the sea and returns to the air...

This process we follow,
This cycle we ride”... 

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