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Johan Olofsson & Bryan Iguchi
Teton Pass ~ Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Winter 1997

This photo was taken during the winter of 1997 on Teton Pass in Jackson Hole. I was visiting at the same time as Johan Olofsson and his friend Jacob, a contest organizer from Sweden. We were all staying at Bryan Iguchi's house. That was the headquarters, where all backcountry adventure started.

We had been riding the pass all afternoon. It was just epic conditions: powder, not too many people. This was the last run of the day. I was a little bit tired and had stopped to rest, and they went ahead of me because they wanted to jump up and drop in on this bank up the road. The sun was just about to tuck behind the mountains and it backlit the guys as they were walking.

Right before this, Jacob had accidentally left his video camera in the car that we had hitched a ride back up to the top in, never to be seen again. That thing was gone. That's why I remember this day so well.

The Pass

Ari Marcopoulos

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Ari Marcopoulos

Northern California

A Dutch-born New York City artist who once worked for Andy Warhol and shot some of the more memorable photos of the Beastie Boys in the early nineties, Ari Marcopoulos entered the world of snowboarding through the back door, and left a few years later through one on the side.

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