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"We can only bring three sleds down into this zone. It's not going to be easy to get out. Everyone else needs to hike down!" said Hankey, our sledneck guide. We were entering into a new zone deep in the BC backcountry -- a zone that I had never seen anything like before. When we got to the bottom of it Nico looked up and just decided to throw on his snowshoes and start charging up it, instead of trying to find a way to sled up.

Often when shooting, I want to deliver a moment, pulled back fully, bringing the viewer into the environment and into the cold world we are constantly in. These type of "anticipation shots" are often the ones that get me so stoked to go shred.

Revelstoke Grain

Cole Barash

15" x 10"
100 unsigned prints

30" x 20"
30 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card

48" x 32"
5 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card

*All sizes listed are the image size.
*All photographs come with a 1" boarder on all sides.

Archival pigment print on sommerset Velvet 330

$49.00 - $695.00 $59.00 - $825.00

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about the artist

Cole Barash

Wellfleet, Massachusetts 

Ocean, mountains, fish, beer, pow, surf, Hasselblad, Leica, tri-x, velvia, polaroid, whiskey, reefs, banging nails, forms of art, sushi, rock n roll, explore, dogs, bikinis, coconuts, Nor'easters, oysters, large prints, tuna, creativity, travel, burritos, and fresh OJ.

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