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Northern Escape Heli ~ Terrace, B.C. ~ Canada
Rider: Mads Jonsson
February 25, 2007

Perspective is the craziest part about shooting a terrain feature like this one. Scale is nearly impossible to judge, and often times the snowboarder's view of what he or she is riding is completely blind. You do your best to communicate, to find the safest, but also the most "exciting" line to ride, and then you follow your gut instinct.

This photograph is all about the terrain, and Mads Jonsson's skills. Shooting it was a no brainer. Simply being there was what made it special.

Standard Films cinematographer Travis Robb spotted this massive pillow stack from our heli when we were flying low near the treetops earlier in the day. He was the only one who saw it, but his excitement level told us all how good it was going to be. We didn't make it back to this beautiful feature until our last run. The heli set us down quite a ways up the ridge, and we rode through a dense forest hunting for signs of the clearing.

As Mads searched for an entrance to the line, Travis and I skirted the feature until we got a good on-slope view of the massive pillow cluster that separated us from Mads' blind drop-in. It was sick. I knew immediately that as long as he could ride it clean, the shot would be incredible. I also knew it would be a black and white shot.

Frame loose… Hold it… And keep one eye vigilant, searching for any moving snow, as the avalanche threat is always present. Mads nailed the line perfectly. We screamed as he blazed past us with the biggest grin on his face, just knowing that he had completely killed it.

Pillow Fight

Jeff Curtes

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Jeff Curtes

Sydney, Australia | Portland, Oregon

Jeff Curtes (b. 1969) has been at the forefront of the snowboarding industry's imagery since his first published images back in 1992. In 1994, Curtes signed with Burton Snowboards and had been their Principal Photographer until 2012, nearly 20 years behind the lens on the snow. Jeff is currently repped by Jonathan Retseck, (RXR) based in NYC. Together they are pursuing commercial work both in and out of the snow.

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