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Mt. Everest North Face, Tibet

The North Face of Everest starts at 20,000ft and tops out at over 29,000ft. In the monsoon season of 1986, Erhard Loretan and Jean Troillet climbed an alpine-style ascent of the Japanese Couloir/ Hornbein Route in only 43 hours (the arcing coulior heading towards the middle of the face/the gash in the rock band below the summit), without the use of supplemental oxygen, ropes or tents. Finding snow conditions perfect along the ascent, Loretan and Troillet glissaded down the entire route to the base of the North Face in less than five hours. This ascent is still considered one of the greatest feats of high altitude alpine style climbing to date. 

Their climb inspired Stephen Koch and I to attempt the route in 2002. We aimed to climb it alpine style as well, but also wanted to ski and snowboard it (I was in my twenties and it seemed like a good idea.) We, along with Eric Henderson, acclimatized on the peak to the left and made the first and second descent of the mountain. After almost two months watching the face to understand its moods, we made a couple attempts. Not many things have been more intimidating in my career than starting up the 9000ft face in the moonlight. After being lifted and thrown across a crevasse field from the air blast of a massive avalanche on one attempt and almost getting wiped off the face by another avalanche on our second attempt, we finally called it. 

While we were unsuccessful on the route, the experience opened my eyes to what was possible, both good and bad, in the big mountains. The line is still waiting to see a ski or snowboard descent. Best of luck to the next generation...


Jimmy Chin

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about the artist

Jimmy Chin

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jimmy is one of the most sought after and recognized adventure sports photographers and filmmakers working today. In the past decade, Jimmy has collaborated with some of the most progressive athletes and explorers in the world, participating in and documenting break through expeditions around the planet, from climbing notable first ascents in the Karakoram, to skiing first descents in the Himalayas.

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