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Central coast ~ New South Wales, Australia
March 2001

This is the first photograph that I knew was special the second my film was exposed. Instantly after I took the shot I laughed and slapped the water in bliss. I felt the picture like I had never felt a picture before. Any photographer will tell you that's a rare and treasured experience indeed.

I had been visualizing this picture at this break for years, but I'd never tried to shoot there before. On this particular day the lineup was completely empty due to an unsurfable tide, swell height, and direction. But the light was magical and the conditions perfectly suited to my intentions of capturing the heavy, warping, powerful swells on lovely high-speed black-and-white film.

I took just one shot of this wave, of this one defined moment. I remember it clearly, looming and tall, approaching the rock shelf from a completely unique angle with demanding speed. The wave had my complete attention. Time slowed as I composed the photo, following the warping swell as it reached its maximum peak, taking the picture just before it broke. Maybe that's why it felt so climactic. I knew how I wanted to render these sculptures on film and felt it all coming together as my shutter clicked. It was a perfect moment.


Trent Mitchell

24" x 16"
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36" x 24"
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60" x 40"
40 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

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Light Jet Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive

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about the artist

Trent Mitchell


International Award Winning water photographer Trent Mitchell swims for his pictures. Mitchell dwells on the photographic fringes, searching out the obscure and creates beauty from the seemingly mundane. 

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