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Valdez, Alaska
April 11th, 2008

While we were up in Alaska, shooting for That's It, That's All, I got slid in an avalanche. Because of weather, we hadn't gotten that many days on the snow at that point, but I almost went home anyway. It took me a few days of serious debate to decide to stay in Valdez, go back out and keep working in what I felt were pretty unsafe conditions.

This shot was taken on my first day back after the slide. That morning Mark Landvik broke off a slab on his first run, sending a huge avalanche roaring down the mountain. And this made me... a little edgy. I hadn't wanted to shoot on-slope at all, but somehow at the end of the day I found myself up on this ridge. In order to get back home I had to snowboard down to the heli. I didn't want to do it. I was completely terrified.

So I was just standing up there, thinking about this run, just about to put my stuff away, when I looked over and saw this. This mountain has never been ridden by anyone before. It doesn't even have a name. I hadn't paid it much attention earlier, but this shadow had just come up the valley and contrasted with the light in a way that made it look like a giant ice cream scoop, which I thought was nice. And I'm not saying that it made the ride down to the heli worth it, or less scary somehow, but I'm glad I was there to take the picture.

Deserted Mountain

Tim Zimmerman

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Light Jet Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive

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Tim Zimmerman

Portland, OR

Last year, Tim Zimmerman's photos graced the covers and pages of more magazines than any other photographer in snowboarding. As the Mervin Manufacturing team photographer, and the principal still shooter for Travis Rice's That's It, That's All movie, Zimmerman has traveled the globe documenting faraway places, and the treasured moments experienced in them by a select and lucky few. From the jagged peaks of the Valdez mountain range in Alaska to the fantastical landscapes of New Zealand his images show the rest of us what the world looks like when seen through the eyes of an adventurous soul, or elite professional athlete.

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