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Skater: Danny Way
Staples Center ~ Los Angeles, California

This photo was taken at the X Games, about three weeks after Danny fractured his foot jumping over the Great Wall of China. He won that year—on his broken foot. Danny's got a pretty incredible ability to skate through pain.

The funny thing about this photo is where I shot it from. You can't get anywhere at the X Games without the right kind of credential, and that year I had the worst pass ever. It was like a BMX friend pass. So I had to sneak in through this fence in the back and hide near the athlete tent behind the ramp where Danny was hanging out. I just kind of hovered around this zone all day, shooting photos.

This was taken during the contest. If I'd had a regular photo pass I would have been on the other side of the ramp where the crowd would have been an element in the picture. But because I had to stay where I was, I got this angle, so I guess it was meant to be. I really like it because there's nothing in the background except one cameraman. You never get that kind of shot at the X Games.


Mike Blabac

29" x 16"
100 unsigned prints

43.5" x 24"
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Light Jet Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive

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about the artist

Mike Blabac

If you've ever seen a shot of Danny Way on the Mega Ramp, you've seen a Mike Blabac photo. If you've even just thumbed through a skateboarding magazine in the last fifteen years, you've probably seen a Blabac photo. Blabac has been taking pictures of skateboarding since 1994, and skating since he was a kid. Before signing on with DC in 1999, Blabac shot for Chocolate, Girl, and Madcircle, and before that, he shot for fun. He is as passionate about skateboarding now as he was in the beginning, and that love shines through in his photos. The beauty of Blabac's images lies in their simplicity. Whether he is shooting action in the middle of a crowded city, or a portrait in an empty room, his focus is always on the subject, the composition is always slylishly clean. Blabac is the only photographer in the world who can claim to have his own signature pro model skate shoe. His first book, Blabac Photo: The Art of Skateboarding Photography, was published in June.


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