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A collaboration between two of Wyoming's finest, Travis Rice and Tim Tomkinson alongside the Wyoming Office of Tourism, The Postcard is a tribute to the unique landscapes of our fine state.  This piece is made up of seven different vignettes, all telling a singular story of life in Wyoming.  Tim used his distinctive style, with a nod to the kitsch of postcards and souvenirs, to craft an unmistakable ode to our sprawling landscapes.  Originally created as a graphic for a series of handcrafted boards by Libtech, The Postcard, whether flying high or hanging on a wall, is meant to be seen.  

The Postcard

Tim Tomkinson

24" x 6.5"
open edition

44" x 11"
125 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

$35.00 - $275.00

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about the artist

Tim Tomkinson

Jackson, WY

Tim Tomkinson is a multi-disciplinary image maker specializing in illustration and branding. After growing up in the relentless heat of Florida, Tim was uprooted to Jackson Hole to attend high school where he thrived in the newfound experience of actual seasons. Four!? But the call of a big city to study art was too heavy to keep him for long, so he made the auspicious jump to Parsons in New York City in 1999. 

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