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From the beginning, I was struck by the potential for luminosity, darkness and magic in that raw Teton landscape. Friendly and unfriendly, it was a phenomenon which lent itself to myth - like observing the moon from Earth.  Storms would roll through the valley in the summer afternoons and the clouds would huddle around the mountains as though a part of some private meeting of pagan deities. All of the activity around those mountains fueled my imagination and curiosity. 

The original image was created on an outing with the Asymbol Team in August 2015 as a 4x5in, clear-glass ambrotype.  En route to an adventure on Jackson Lake, we brought my collodion equipment and made this exposure. The day itself was a throw back to the innocence and playfulness of when I first lived in Jackson: swimming in lakes, laughing like crazy, endless youth on an endless day. 

I chose Pt/Pd prints for the authenticity and permanence of the process. Pt/Pd printing was most popular from 1880-1920. The emulsion (which includes precious metals platinum and palladium) is hand-applied to the surface of watercolor paper. While the platinum prints are reproduced by the same negative, and while I work for consistency among prints in the edition, no two prints are exactly alike. 

The Grand Platinum

Lindsey Ross

This edition is being reproduced with two printing styles: digital printing and platinum/palladium (Pt/Pd) printing. 

Giclee Print Edition on Metallic Photo Paper

15" x 12"
Open Edition

22" x 17.5"
100 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card 

33" x 26"
50 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card  

Archival pigment print on Metallic paper

Giclee sizes listed are the image size 

Platinum/Palladium Print Edition

24" x 20"
25 limited-edition, signed and numbered hand brushed platinum/palladium prints.
Only 1 Print Remaining

Each Platinum/Palladium print edition has unique hand brushed borders 


$65.00 - $375.00 $75.00 - $525.00

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about the artist

Lindsey Ross

Santa Barbara, CA

Conceptual, fine art photographer, Lindsey Ross (b. 1981) has early memories of making photographs, which include enlarging poster-sized images in the basement darkroom with her father. She has been most influenced by photographers such as Marcia Resnick and Francesca Woodman. In 2008 Ross moved to California to pursue an MFA Photography at Brooks Institute. She became interested in wet plate collodion process when she viewed a collection of early 20th century prisoner mug shots.  

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