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Original: Acrylic on Canvas

Big Sky was commissioned by a friend. He bought the canvas and paints. I had just read some climbing books, like Into Thin Air, and I was inspired to draw this scary looking high mountain scene. It's an Everest theme, but a made up mountain—a really frightening made up mountain. Pete Saari owns this painting now.

Sailing On is basically a continuation of the style I was trying to develop with The Big Sky. A lot of the paintings I've done I just gave up on. Eventually, I just moved on to a different style because I couldn't make the one I was trying to pull off work. The reason I really like these two is because I created them using a made-up layering process that I'd never seen before. I actually started doing it almost on accident, just from pushing myself to try something new.

The cool part about these two pieces is they show something I traditionally put in most of my paintings, which is the color white. The lines and streaks here are all white lines, which is pretty characteristic of what I still do.

The Big Sky

Nick Russian

40.5" x 34"
43 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag


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about the artist

Nick Russian

Olympic Peninsula, WA

An artist before grade school, and skateboarder since the age of 13, Nick's creative roots are inspired from skate-culture. From checking out other artists work he has experimented with multiple mediums, ideas, and art techniques that have lead to the continual development of his own personnel artistic style. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Nick currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. He paints often, using a wide range of mediums, from acrylic to oil to watercolor to collage, etc.

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