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Original: Acrylic on Wood

This painting was inspired by a splitboard trip out to one of our local Central Oregon spots with Josh Dirksen, Forrest Shearer, Chris Edmunds and Colin Wiseman. The area we visited is full of mind bending natural features, but so far we’ve been mostly unlucky with timing, and it’s usually been anything but pow. On this particular trip, we arrived to beautifully sculpted features, but the snow quality was very firm, and a recent rain squall had created runnels everywhere. We made the most of it with some good igloo building sessions, and Josh got some really unique shots. I had to take off a bit early, and on my solo skin out I happened upon this series of frozen waves, stacking up to the horizon and looking like big surf about to break. Usually I like to paint more ideal conditions, but the juxtaposition of snow and water features caught my eye and deserved a closer study.   


Adam Haynes

17" x 13.5"
Embossed, Open Edition

24" x 19.5"
100 limited-edition signed and numbered prints
Sold Out

36" x 28.5" 
50 limited-edition signed and numbered prints
Sold Out

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

Original available here 


$60.00 - $275.00 $85.00 - $375.00

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about the artist

Adam Haynes

Bend, Oregon

Born and raised of fine Central Oregon stock, artist Adam Haynes defines his vision of the world through the language of his surroundings—the vivid geography of the Cascade Range and the off-kilter character of its rural inhabitants. He has paid the bills as a commercial illustrator for such clients as Nike 6.0, Tonka, Pirelli, and Specialized. However, Haynes refreshes his creative coffee cup several times a year with a scattering of art shows at galleries throughout the Northwest.

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