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Featured piece from:
Asymbol x TheGoodLife! Collection


This image was taken along a two week road trip around the island of Iceland, a trip I had been dreaming about for years. This particular picture was taken leading up to Svínafellsjökull glacier along one of the many breathtaking roads in Iceland surrounded by a vast, wide open landscape. This was one of the uncounted times I insisted we stop the car so that I could snap a photo. This photo gives me the sense that opportunities are endless, a fitting characteristic of TheGoodLife!

Road to Nowhere

Laura Austin

24" x 16" 
25 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card 

30" x 20" 
10 limited-edition prints, with signed & numbered provenance card

*All sizes listed are the image size.
*All photographs come with a 1" boarder on all sides.

Archival pigment print on 310gsm platine fibre rag

$145.00 - $195.00 $225.00 - $425.00

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about the artist

Laura Austin

Los Angeles, CA

I stumbled into photography as a way to share my experiences with others, as is the case for most people who pick up a camera for the first time. But now instead of me just bringing my camera places, my camera has brought me places. With my insatiable appetite for travel, I spend a lot of time on the road, usually ending up in interesting locations with interesting people. With some sort of camera at my side at all times, my photos tend to be spontaneous documentation of whatever it is that is going on around me. The goal is to tell a visual story that will inspire others to go out and experience the world for themselves. There is a lot to see out there and a camera isn’t always going to do it justice.

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