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Original: Acrylics & ink on Canvas

These mountains are alive, towering into the sky – the pure evidence of our earth changing its surface. A glimpse of the relativity of time, right here and now. These rocks have seen days, nights, fire and water. From the deepest bottom of the ocean to the highest peaks – they have been it all. Home to a universe of biospheres and yet all one. They are shifting, moving always changing. Nothing is lasting, except for the quiet change itself.

Koma Kulshan

iuna tinta

17" x 12.5"
Embossed, Open Edition

24" x 17.5"
100 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

44" x 31"
50 limited-edition signed and numbered prints

Archival pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag

34.433" x 23.622"
Acrylics & ink on Canvas

$75.00 - $395.00

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about the artist

iuna tinta


Iuna Tinta is a Swiss artist working in Berlin, Germany. She earned her B.A. from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne in 2009. Her paintings have been exhibited in several international solo and group shows and her work is frequently being featured within the snowsports industry. Iuna Tinta’s modern mountainscapes and native iconography are influenced by numerous years in Central America and the Pacific North West Coast. However, it is her own roots, the traditional folk art and the Swiss landscapes, that has shaped her artistic style the most.

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