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The Art of Flight Collection

As seen on the 47-stop premiere tour, this large-format poster on french print-making paper is our collaborative project with renowned graphic artist Hydro 74.The Riders' Slasher Limited Edition is Travis' gift to the entire cast and crew of The Art of Flight. These three-color hand-pulled screen prints have a third glow in the dark layer created by Hydro 74. Each poster was signed by the riders and director, Curt Morgan. This was a limited-edition run of 99, and after the distribution of prints to the dedicated team behind the film, only 50 are for sale. Get em while they're hot!

Art of Flight's Riders' Slasher Edition


22" x 30"

99 signed limited-edition, numbered prints 
(only 50 of these 99 limited-edition are available for public sale) 

Three-color hand-pulled screen print 


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about the artist


The Purveyor of Sin.
What does it mean? Well, the basics are simple. Purveyor means in the simplest form, 'provider' and the sin is the hours I work to define my skills and offer them to those willing to pay for it. It is the best representation of my personal vision for Hydro74.

Hydro74 | MCMLXXIV

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