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Featured piece from:
The Art of Flight Collection

Rider: John Jackson

The Tordrillo Mountains are a small range in the south central region of Alaska. They lie approximately 120 km northwest of Anchorage and are primarily volcanic, which may be what makes them so perfect for snowboarding. On a recent trip there, accompanied by two of the best riders in the world, I was able to photograph the best, most progressive backcountry snowboarding to date. John Jackson blew my mind with his ability to ride such large descents and land obnoxious, oversized airs.

This photo was taken on a large facing wall, known as Avocado. Half of it gets morning light, while the other half gets evening light. It was late in the day when John spotted a line just about to be blessed with light. The helicopter set me down on an adjacent peak and then dropped him in place to initiate this opportunity. John dropped in, having only seen this line from the air for a few seconds, and made a few turns before heading right to this cruise-ship sized pillow.

I remember thinking to myself, "Oh God, does he know what he is headed for?" It's very easy to lose track of where you are, when amazingly huge mountains are all that surround you. One wrong turn can be deadly. Turns out he knew exactly what he was doing and where he was going.


Scott Serfas

15" x 10" 
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Archival pigment print on metallic photo paper

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about the artist

Scott Serfas

Vancouver BC, Canada

Principal Photographer Red Bull Media House’s “The Art Of Flight”; Co-­‐Owner Endeavor Snowboards; and Senior Photographer TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine, the most widely distributed snowboard title in the world.  

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