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Ari Marcopoulos

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Northern California

A Dutch-born New York City artist who once worked for Andy Warhol and shot some of the more memorable photos of the Beastie Boys in the early nineties, Ari Marcopoulos entered the world of snowboarding through the back door, and left a few years later through one on the side.

Ari met Terje on a glacier in Zermatt, Switzerland, before he even knew how to snowboard. He sent the Sprocking Cat a 16x20 print that he'd taken of him doing an indy, and the gesture was enough to get an invite to keep shooting. (Countless photographers had promised Terje they'd send him a print before, but no one at that point had actually done it.) Dave Seoane taught Ari how to ride during the making of Subjekt Haakonsen, and even let him make the short film, hidden at the end of the movie, of Terje baking a pretzel.

The term "snowboard porn" came into existence around the same time that Ari started collaborating with veteran snowboard photographer Chris Brunkhart, and dreaming up ideas with writer Jeff Galbraith for the magazine that eventually became Frequency. Though it is impossible to prove which person actually came up with the phrase, we're pretty sure it was one of the three. Regardless, the term was used in the late nineties to describe everything an Ari Marcopoulos shot was not.

Ari's images captured a moody, otherworldly feeling, unique to snowboard photography at the time. They can be seen in his book, Transitions and Exits, and also as a part of his survey exhibition, spanning two floors, at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.