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Alignment - Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn, Schoph
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In this industry timing and luck make up a huge part of the recipe. When the right people end up in the right place at the same time, magic happens. And magic, like all things made up of smoke, can't be manufactured and it certainly cannot be contained. As luck and timing would have it, three of those magic makers came together in Jackson this February for HMNTR 3, a renegade art exhibit helmed by one of Asymbol's artist, Schoph Schophfield, and HMNTR co-creator, Kyle "Maynerd" Lunneborg.

This years HMNTR had a pretty ridiculous lineup made up of Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Iuna Tinta, Forest Bailey, Peter-John de Villiers, Desiree Melancon and of course, both Schoph and Maynerd. Asymbol was extremely honored to host the show and the attending artists at our new Jackson gallery.

That in and of itself was plenty epic. However, all of the artists, photographers and moments aligned to create a week where Jamie, Guch and Schoph had the time and space to collaborate on half a dozen murals and other pieces of art. The result was amazing and productive enough to give birth to its own exhibit, a show that we decided to call, rightfully, Alignment.
Alignment by Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn & Schoph

Independently Schoph, Bryan and Jamie create dynamic and iconic pieces, art that hangs on our walls and covers our boards. But when the three come together, that's when the magic happens. The result was a harmonic mix of earthly elements that weave seamlessly with symbolic and supernatural imagery. These things cannot be forced, they either come together or they don't. And luckily for us, they did.

Every year local snowboard legend Rob Kingwell hosts his JH Snowboard Pow Wow, an industry event that centers around the connection and progression of our sport. The Alignment exhibit seemed like a stellar fit but it was missing something. One of the most interesting parts of the collaborative murals was watching the guys create together.

And again, timing and luck put photographers Andrew Miller, Aaron Blatt, Alex Yoder, Thibaut "Pom" Pomorat and James Sweet in Jackson during the HMNTR show. They did what professionals with cameras do and took a metric ton of photos and video. As we sifted through the process and candid shots of the week it became clear that if we could combine these photos and videos with the murals, we'd have ourselves a proper show.

Like every gallery show we've had, Alignment was more a community affair than typical art show. We were supported by local beer maker Melvin Brewing, Wyoming Whiskey and Beehive Productions. Everything aligned. And the rest is history.

* all photos by Thibaut Pomarat, Andrew Miller and Scott Davidson

" As an artist I know how hard it can be to motivate creativity with in your own work.  Finding that flow state can be tricky but when surrounded by friends who all share the same passion its so much easier to get into the groove.  It was such a rad experience to document Guch, Jamie & Schoph doing their thing each night after shredding. The alignment between these three within their own styles to be able to come together and collaborate on all these art pieces was amazing.  To witness the process and quick transformation of a blank canvas into a finished work of art was mind blowing. The vibe was there and it was hard not to feed off all that creativity.  Powder and paint where flying all week and it was one of those times and hangs I will remembered forever.”  

-Andrew Miller