The Emergency Exhibit: Redux aka We Descend Upon The PNW January 28 2016, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

 It isn't often that the Asymbol crew gets to physically leave Wyoming.  Mentally and socially we are citizens of the world, however....they don't call it Jackson HOLE for nothing. So when an invite to bring our Emergency Exhibit to Seattle and Portland arrives we check the yes box and start packing for rainy weather.   As luck has it our artist Iuna Tinta was down for the trek from Switzerland to Washington as well, which from experience we know makes for good times.  As was the case last year, the evo staff helmed by the unbelievably affable Chris Shalbot, laid out the red carpet and made us feel completely at home.

Here's a little recap of the Seattle and Portland show as seen through our eyes. 
Nothing feels as good has having your name on the marquee.  It's a feeling right up there next to seeing Bill Murray in the grocery store.
 The room comes together real nice.  
New pieces meet classics, the Emergency Exhibit vibe gets better and better with time. 
 Iuna's range of style, skill and topic creates a completely unique dialogue.  
The art under our feet.
That magical red dot!  And another Iuna piece finds its forever home.
Iuna brought us two new mountain scapes, Luminous Lights and Pers & Morteratsch Glacier.  
New friends and old filled the room, another stellar art opening in the evo compound.
Iuna and crew.
The team.  
Portland walls.
The Portland show hangs until January 31st.  If you haven't stopped in and gazed upon this stunning display then by all means, do.
*All photos taken by Asymbol staff.