Further, Deeper, Higher: The Jeremy Jones Trilogy Collection January 06 2016, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

 Last year we were extremely lucky to work in tandem with the photographers Jeff Curley and Andrew Miller in creating what is now one of our most beloved collections, Higher.  When Jeremy Jones called us this year and asked if we wanted to curate a collection around The Trilogy: Deeper, Further and Higher, naturally that was an affirmative.  

By tapping into the entire series we were able to add legendary photogs, Dan Milner, Yoshiro Higai and Tero Repo to build an even broader collection.  Working with these fellas was an unbelievable honor, their mark on snowboard photography is broad and innovative.  

The Trilogy Collection is an homage to Jones' decade long journey in to the unknown, a mission that spawned three movies and as well as his new book, No Words For The Way Down.  

With the help of their team of photographers, filmers and friends, Jeremy and the crew at Teton Gravity Research have defined big mountain riding and environmentally aware adventure seeking. The book and the collection not only a deep look into his life's work thus far but have also put a fine point on the vision that drove them all to seek this version of paradise.  
Travis Rice joined Jones at our book and print signing soiree this Christmas week, a party most certainly to remember.  We called on local shredder, documentary filmmaker and good homie, Phil Hessler, to capture the party.  So go ahead and sit back, grease up your scrolling thumb and take a little walk through a night filled with friends, beers and photography.


Travis Rice at Jeremy Jones Trilogy Launch
asymbol print wall
Travis Rice and fan
No Words For The Way Down
Blake Paul
Travis Rice Asymbol
Jeremy Jones
Tim Durtschi, Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Blake Paul, Cam Fitzpatrick, Brolin Mawajje