Adam Haynes and his Pillow Dreams: A tale of murals and bindings. November 12 2015, 0 Comments « Back to Blog

 The Adam Haynes designed 2016/17 Asymbol x Union Collection is here.

As much as we may fancy ourselves each a unique snowflake, experience shows that we're more alike than we are different. Most of us are a combination of the wildman, the recluse and the good guy (or girl) - a mixed bag that gives us a spectacular array of humans.

Adam Haynes is, without the slightest whisper of doubt, a good guy. Sure, he’s got a bit of recluse and wildman in him, but spend two seconds with Adam and ‘good guy’ flashes like neon in Vegas. Adam's a hard working, fun loving family man who distills the lighthearted and profound aspects of mountain life into art that connects the dots of fantasy and reality.

Adam was our dream designer for the 2016/17 Asymbol x Union binding collab. His inventive style and work ethic aligned seamlessly with what it took to handle this kind of endeavor. We asked, and being the good guy that he is, he said yes to our project and all the deadlines it entailed.


Enter evo, a Pacific Northwest retail institution that's been a faithful supporter of the Asymbol mission and bastion of action sports art and culture. As Adam’s artwork started to take shape, evo presented us with a rare opportunity: an invitation for Adam to paint a mural on their massive south facing exterior wall in collaboration with evo, Union and Asymbol.

As a self proclaimed “amateur muralist,” Adam took his artistic concept for this project and breathed buckets of paint and hard work into it, turning evo’s wall into a sky high sea of dreamy snow pillows and wooded goodness. The result is unbelievably stunning. Not gonna lie, there may have been happy weeping here in the Asymbol office when the first still photos landed in our inboxes.

The icing on this epic cake is Adam's 2016/17 Asymbol x Union binding, a marriage of art and function if there ever was one. In the words of our co-founder Travis Rice, “these bindings aren’t just for show. Adam is a seriously demanding rider, and these bindings deliver ultra high-performance through their strong, lightweight and responsive design.”

While these bindings won't officially launch until next year, through our collaboration with Union, we've secured a limited stock of these bad boys for pre-release this season, along with an apparel line featuring Adam's artwork.

When we say get them while they are hot, we mean get out your oven mitts because these bindings are on fire!

Check out the entire Adam Haynes designed 2016/17 Asymbol x Union Collection.