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Iuna in her studio

Swiss artist Iuna Tinta (aka Corinne Weidmann) has a unique ability to take a majestic thing and give it even greater majesty.  Her art doesn’t pander or preach, but instead shows the viewer another side of something, a deeper dive into the natural world that is largely taken for granted.  

As with most great artists, her style and skill grows and changes, taking on the vibrations of her beliefs and experiences.  In the short time that we have known her, the tenor of her work has continued its swing towards artistic activism, a response to the drastic climate changes of her home.

It is our great luck that Cori is a life long snowboarder and world traveler; she believes in nurturing the art and physical space of our community just as ardently as we do.  Her rapidly growing connection with the board sport community is what brought her to our attention, but it is her heartbreakingly beautiful and unique vision that has made her a vital member of our family.

Global Warming
In 2011, Iuna created her first board graphic for Unity Snowboards, a Moby Dick inspired design called, wait for it, “The Whale”.  Between then and now, she has done five boards for Roxy, countless custom skate decks and surfboards, as well as multiple fabric patterns used for Roxy jackets, gloves and apparel.

Iuna's board graphics for Roxy

She was a part of our group show, Wandering Eyes, and was most recently shown alongside some serious heavyweights: Jamie Lynn, Corey Smith, Schoph Schophield to name but a few, in the HMNTR show.  She is without a doubt one of the hardest working ladies in the game, traveling the world, painting, doing graphic design and typography, snowboarding, and still answering her emails.  And perhaps most amazingly, for us at least, her painting, Koma Kulshan, adorns the broad side of Travis Rice's sled trailer in the upcoming Brain Farm movie.

 Travis's Trailer featuring Koma Kulshan

 Soon the world will see what we’ve known all along, Iuna Tinta is a force to behold.  Our one hope now is that the force of her art will shine a badly needed light on the environmental issues that are threatening our way of life.  
At Asymbol, our job is to preserve our visual culture and to communicate with the world through art and photography.  Through the work of Iuna Tinta, we hope to express how precious our planet is and how much we stand to lose if we don’t stop seeing this as someone else's problem and start understanding that our environment is in a state of emergency.

Delve deeper in the story of Iuna by reading this interview from travisrice.com.